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Thinking about filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Do you need answers to a questions like, "Do I qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy?" or "Does my spouse have to file?" or "Will filing for bankruptcy stop creditors and debt collectors from harassing me?" or "How soon can I file and how much will it cost?"

Have you tried alternatives such as debt consolidation, consumer credit counseling or debt consolidation loans? If so, then filing chapter 7 bankruptcy may be your BEST option!

However, before you can decide if filing bankruptcy is your best option, you need answers. My best advice is to consult a bankruptcy attorney, but most of us simply don't have money to pay attorney fees just to get answers to a few simple questions.

I've been there and because I know how it feels, I designed this FREE bankruptcy web site to help you make an informed decision. In addition to finding answers to your question, you'll also discover free bankruptcy forms and instructions. You can even request a FREE bankruptcy evaluation by qualified attorneys near you.

Bankruptcy Options

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, you have two options: file bankruptcy yourself, or hire a local bankruptcy attorney. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Use this FREE bankruptcy site to learn which option is best.

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Get answers to FAQs about debt collection, credit reports, student loans, small claims court, bankruptcy, child support, credit cards, home foreclosure, wage garnishment, and judgments. If you don't find an answer, use the FREE "Ask Question" feature to ask Rich directly.